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Experienced. Helpful. Vet- Recommended.

Superior K9 Academy LLC believes that every owner should enjoy the benefits of having a dog! Our balanced approach to training is designed with you and your pet in mind to ensure results. We believe in working as much with you as with your pet. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert guidance.


Superior K9 Academy LLC has over 10 years of experience working hands on in both training and animal husbandry. Our success stories and client relations are our greatest source of pride. Call us today to make your first appointment.




Sam is a native Floridian who has always had an interest in animal behavior. As a child she found a knack for training her own family dogs, and by the time she reached high school she would become a kennel tech for K9's for Warriors in Jacksonville, Fl.  She would attend Stetson University where she studied biology, and became a trainer for a service dog organization working her own service dog (Kuddles). She graduated Stetson, and moved to Illinois where she pursued a masters in animal behavior while still training Kuddles. After completion of her masters, Sam moved back to Florida where she began to pursue a career in dog training full time. The rest is history, and she now has 10+ years of experience in multiple service dog organizations, and countless breeds of dogs. She is the inspiration and mentor for the entire SKA squad, and she strives to be a well rounded and educated trainer for any dog and handler pair!

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