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Private Lessons

These programs are designed for the person who wants to be involved every step of the way! You will meet one on one with a trainer once a week to learn how to communicate effectively with your dog. All lesson package goals are to teach the following 6 commands: Come, Sit, Place, Heel, Down, and Break. 

Training equipment is included in the program cost unless specified otherwise.


The Superior Standard

Cost $600

Is it time to start unlocking your dogs full potential? Lessons with S.K.A. is the perfect place to start! The standard package includes 4 lessons one on one with a professional trainer, performed at a local park. We will work with you on a new command every week, and it is up to you to implement the training into your dog's daily life at home!

In Home 

Cost $800

Are you limited to your home or want to focus mainly on at home issues? That is fine by us! We offer our same 4 lesson package in home for those who need that convenience! The session will still be 1 hour, once per week, where we focus on home scenarios and effective communication.

 Single Lessons

Cost $150-$200

Do you not want to commit to a full package? We are here to help by offering our single lessons where you only have to commit to one at a time. Price varies based on whether the lesson is performed at a local park or in the owners home. Training Equipment is not included in the price for single lessons.

*More lessons can be purchased after completion of a 4 lesson package, and those additional lessons will be $100 per hour*

Programs: Services

Board and Trains

These programs are developed for the people who are ready for the professionals to take the reins! We understand that people may not have the time, or are limited in their ability to work with their dog to the fullest. Our board and train programs are specialized to your dog's individual needs. Your dog will be introduced to different stimuli while perfecting their obedience. You will be provided with daily progress videos and analysis of how your dog is performing. A minimum of these 6 commands will be taught: Come, Sit, Place, Heel, Down, and Break; in various environments based on the duration of program.

Training equipment included in program cost.


2 Week Board and Train

Cost $2800
Deposit $1000

This is our most popular package and for good reason! In this package we will accomplish a lot including your dogs basic and advanced obedience in various environments such as but not limited to: parks, pet friendly stores, events, and restaurants. Mild reactivity and anxiety is accepted during this program and can be worked on.

1 Week Board and Train

Cost $1800
Deposit $500

Does your best friend need some basic level help? The 1 week program could be right for you! This program focuses on teaching basic obedience and working around the trainer's home and neighborhood. This is not a program for dogs who have behavioral issues, but instead less active dogs who just need a little guidance.

3 Week Board and Train

Cost $3800
Deposit $1000

Is sparky starting to show some serious behavioral issues? We promise you are not a lone, and we are here to help! This package is going to strive for goals close to the 2 week program, but extra time is needed for us to build up the trust your dog is lacking in certain environments.
*An free evaluation of your dog is required prior to booking*

Programs: Services

Bonus Options

Programs: Services

Free Evaluation


Are you concerned over your dog's anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, etc? Would you like to know if your dog is service dog material? Or do you just wish to meet your trainer? These are all great reasons to set up a free evaluation with a trainer!

Cancellation/ Refund Policy

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued after training is completed. It is guaranteed your fury friend will have a better understanding of obedience after our training programs. No dog is the same, so, they all learn at different paces due to countless circumstances (age, Breed, background, Etc.). It is up to one of our professional trainers to document , and communicate effectively about what to expect from your dog while working with them.

If you are having issues after training, we highly recommend reaching out to one of our trainers for help. We understand that training a dog can be difficult at times, and we are here to help even after your training package is completed.

Any board and train package can be cancelled up to 7 days before the training date. A deposit is required to hold board and train spots for specific dates. If a board and train package is cancelled within 7 days before the assigned training date, the deposit is able to be held by Superior K9 Academy.

*All credit card refunds may be subject to processing fees held by our credit card processing company. Superior K9 Academy has no control over these fees, and what percentage is held by the credit card company.

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