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Which of your services is right for me?

Great Question! First lets answer, what would you like to be able to do with your dog? In every program, our focus is to cater to your needs from your pet using obedience. Simply need Fido to stop running out the front door? Try a 1 week board and train! Does Sparky bite the mailman? Let's do a 3 week board and train. Not sure? Give us a call for a free consult!

Is my pet too old to be trained?

Not at all! Every dog in every age point could benefit from obedience training. And yes an old dog can learn new tricks! It takes the same patience and consistency as a younger pup.

What is balance training?

Balance training simply means there is a balance of positive and negative stimulation while learning. Our techniques utilize tools to help give the proper stimulation to help decrease unwanted behaviors all while reinforcing the good behaviors. We specifically use e collars, which are tiny TENS units (the same thing many humans use in physical therapy). The feeling this collar produces is a tingling sensation that is of flexing muscle.

Balance training requires countless patience and the ability to alter training methods to cater to every dogs' needs. You could say balance trainers tend to have many techniques in their back pocket so no dog is left behind!

Is the training guaranteed?

Training is life long, and never ends. What that means is you must be practicing and holding your dog accountable after any program to ensure they retain the training throughout their lifetime. Our programs are designed to provide your dog with a strong foundation in obedience. Consistency is key!

We are here to help through every stage of your training! If you have issues after your board and train, please call and a trainer will be happy to assist!

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